About Us

We are an empowering, bold and forward thinking team, inspired by every challenges faced by new traders.

We design and create products and solutions informed by you, our customers, our friends and global influences.

Our advantages

The things that make us special

We created Bull Bear Bots with a single vision – to level the playing field for your everyday investors, giving them the same kind of competitive advantage that the bottomless pocket mega investors all over the world leverage every single day.

All of the algorithms and trading bots you’re able to take advantage of here on Bull Bear Bots are built with that singular focus and are regularly updated to guarantee that you get as much leverage out of the markets as possible with these tools.

You won’t necessarily be able to turn your investments on autopilot with the help of these proprietary solutions. But you’re going to be in a better position to make the right moves – regardless of the kind of investments you’re looking to make.

You can use our exclusive algorithms directly on the TradingView platform to research the right stock and options moves, but you can use our trading bots to master the crypto and Forex markets, too.

These tools are built to help you make more money and generate real wealth in the world of investing today. Check them out right now!


We aren't just coders. We also play in the markets we build solutions for. ​


Keeping things as simple as possible - It's all about the user experience for us.


Some of our tools are built for community managers that need a higher degree of flexibility.


We aim to make our tools usable by anyone with any level of experience.